Peer Educator

During the school year, Peer Educators on QHO’s Kingston Initiative facilitate health discussions in local classrooms and host outreach events in the Kingston area. Peer Educators on QHO’s summer initiatives implement needs-based health curricula for 6-8 weeks during May and June in either Guyana, Belize, Kenya, or Northern Canada.


The Internship Program aims to increase the efficiency of the organization and to provide successful applicants with the opportunity to get involved and learn about the functioning of a registered charity. Interns shadow an Executive member, such as finances and public relations, and are a vital aspect of the daily functioning of the organization. Overall, they assist Executive members with their responsibilities, and have the opportunity to implement any special projects throughout the year.

Executive Team

QHO's executive team works towards sustaining successful initiatives for our Peer Educators through preparing the Peer Educators for teaching, arranging the logistics of Initiative, organizing fundraisers, applying to grants, and monitoring the sustainability and effectiveness of our Initiatives.