The wonderful city of Kingston, Ontario!


Molly Brant Public School, Winston Churchill Public School, Limestone Education Services, Youth Diversion, Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute, and the Kingston Youth Shelters


To teach a wide range of age groups, and expand to host community outreach events

In order to maintain QHO’s and the Kingston Initiative’s mandate of needs-based and sustainable education, it was decided that two classes would be discontinued. One class, piloted this year, was discontinued after review by the Program Directors. Additionally, upon discussions with the Co-Directors and the 2016-2017 Kingston Program Directors, a decision was also made to not continue one class from the previous year. The goals for Kingston Initiative this year were to expand our initiative by hiring more peer educators, fostering our relationships within the community by making new partnerships, and implementing an assembly-style initiative with the Outreach Directors. Each of these goals were met with the help of the peer educators, community members, and executive committee.