Salluit QC, Webequie ON, Fort Providence NT and Fort Good Hope Nt


local community members, band offices and government officials


Discussion-based health education and extra-curricular programming designed to empower youth to take an active role in the health of their communities.

The QHO Northern Initiative works with 4 different locations across Northern Canada. This year, we have hired 8 incredible Peer Educators to implement health education and community outreach programming in each of our locations for 5-6 weeks in the Spring of 2019. We currently work with Salluit QC, Webequie ON, Fort Providence NT and Fort Good Hope Nt.

The main goal of the Northern Initiative is to engage Northern youth by creating positive mutual learning environments, promoting youth leadership and empowerment, and discussing a variety of relevant health topics. We focus on tailoring our lesson plans and community programming to adhere to the specific needs and wants of the local community by partnering with local elementary and high schools, community organizations, and community members. We work with our partners to base all material on locally relevant health topics and incorporate the local culture. All lessons and outreach activities are based on the strengths and capacities of each individual community. Our initiatives are relationship-driven and internally focused. We encourage and respect autonomy in every community where we work and we respect everyone’s right to take action based on personal values and beliefs.

We work to engage youth by starting important conversations around many aspects of health including mental, physical, social and sexual health. Some major topics for the Northern Initiative include:

- Nutrition

- Sleep Habits

- Substances and Substance Abuse

- Grief Management

- Healthy Relationships & Consent

- Depression & Suicide

- Goal Setting

- Communication

- Various Sexual Health Lessons

We also focus on supplementing any existing extracurricular programs, along with running our own workshops, activities, and programs on various topics such as leadership and self-esteem. We run activities such as nutrition programs, yoga classes, running clubs and much more! For more information on the Northern Initiative, feel free to contact northern@qho.ca